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Armamento Remington fabricación vasca en la tercera Guerra Carlista (Idioma: Inglés). Spanish Rolling Block, the Basque made rifles of the Third Carlist War.

Authors: Fernando de Aguinaga & José Luis Gª de Aguinaga.
Book edition Review: Joseph V. Puleo
Introduction by Juan Luis Calvó

Book which covers all the Remington system weapon manufactured by several Gipuzkoan factories(Basque, North Spain) in the Third Carlist War 1872-1876. It focuses on the production of weapons in the factories of The Euscalduna (Placencia of the Arms), The Azpeitia (Azpeitia) and some workshops in Eibar. Factories, technology, machinery, models, production, brands, identification are described. It Is Enclosed of catalog of existing weapons in Spanish Museums.The rifles shown here tell this story, focusing upon the transition from muzzleloading longarms to breechloaders. A complete catalog with all models and identification data sheet is attached at the end of the book. Indispensable for the Rolling Block and Remington collector,

• Hardcover
• 11.25″ x 8.75″ (290x220x30 mm)
• 349 pages
• 1.650 grams without package
• 1,100 color photographs, line illustrations and historical photographs
• Printed in English
• Catalog with data sheet of all Basque Remington models.

Libro sobre el armamento del sistema Remington fabricado por varias fábricas guipuzcoanas en la tercera guerra carlista 1872-1876. Se centra en la producción de armas en las fábricas de La Euscalduna (Placencia de las Armas), La Azpeitiana (Azpeitia) y algunos talleres de Eibar. Se describen las fábricas, tecnología, maquinaria, modelos, producción, marcas, identificación. Se adjunta de catálogo de armas del sistema Remington de fabricación vasca existentes en museos civiles vascos y militares.